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Contact Beds For Wastewater Therapy Filtration In the present day 2022

Contact Beds For Wastewater Therapy Filtration

In any such wastewater filtration, the sewage utilized on the contact materials is allowed to face undisturbed for a while earlier than, being emptied and an interval is allowed earlier than recharging the contact beds. In the course of the ‘contact interval’, when the filter is standing full, the nice suspended particles of sewage are deposited on the contact materials and labored over by the anaerobic organisms. In the course of the ’empty interval’ that follows subsequent, the deposited matter is oxidized by the cardio micro organism. It’s then washed off the contact materials and carried out with the sludge effluent on the following emptying of the tank.


Contact beds are watertight tanks with masonry partitions and really a lot comparable in building to an intermittent sand filter. The contact materials is fabricated from damaged stone referred to as ballast and is of two.5 – 7.5 cm gauge. The tank is stuffed with the sewage over a interval of an hour; allowed to face full over a interval of two hours, then emptied by way of underdrains. This course of takes one other hour. The tank is now left empty for 3 to 4 hours earlier than admitting the following cost. (Thus with a complete working interval in a shift of 8 hours, the contact mattress may be labored in three shifts every day). The natural loading on this case is about the identical i.e., 1.1 million liters per hectare per day.


The contact beds technique is now solely of historic curiosity and never generally used. That is primarily due to the lack of effectivity caused by the exclusion of air when the tank is standing full. For an environment friendly organic motion, it’s crucial that the aeration needs to be by way of the mass of sewage. It has due to this fact, been outmoded by extra environment friendly organic wastewater therapy course of, as within the case of trickling filter wastewater therapy technique and activated sludge crops. Nevertheless, the contact beds have some benefit when in comparison with the trickling filters as:

(i) Lesser working head required
(ii) Freedom from filter (psychoda) flies
(iii) Lesser nuisance on account of odor

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Contact Beds For Wastewater Therapy Filtration

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