Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

    I typically consider the spouse of Dana Reeve the spouse of Christopher Reeve, who in May 1995 had an awful mishap while riding a horse, followed by ten years of suffering completely not able to move. He was a motivation to everybody however what he went through was far beyond we have actually ever seen any significant star need to withstand for so long a time period. Not long after his death, Christopher Reeve’s spouse Dana contracted lung cancer in her mid-40’s and passed away a brief time after. The majority of remarkable is Dana never ever smoked. I consider this story, together with the JFK Jr. Catastrophe in 1999, without a doubt the 2 worst star disasters of perpetuity. A far-off 3rd would be Princess Diana’s death in France in 1997.

    So how did Dana Reeve pass away in her mid-40’s of dreadful lung cancer, when she didn’t even smoke? The theory is that Dana was a great lounge vocalist and since of all the pre-owned smoke, she had cancer cells in her body for an extended period of time. The following theory is that the cancer cells like this come alive when the body is considerably deteriorated by an extended period of sorrow over an awful disaster and excellent tension which would occur after Christopher Reeve lastly passed away after 10 long years. I am not a physician, however this has actually constantly been my theory about smoking cigarettes, or pre-owned smoke and cancer, which is the scourge of mankind and has actually been for centuries. When the body is considerably deteriorated by tension, sorrow and excellent durations of anxiety for an extended period of time the cancer cells end up being alive once again and the partner, or the individual under tension and sorrow passes away. The Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve story is a story deserving of an excellent film, which I would enjoy to be able to compose one day. What Dana Reeve needed to witness and endure, seeing her partner because condition for so long is a remarkable homage to her strength as an individual.

    My mom smoked for several years, however she provided it up twenty years back. A little less than 3 years back, my daddy passed away of Cancer at age 84, and despite the fact that he was far from an excellent individual or partner, my mom was wed to him for over 50 years. 3 months back, my mom was detected with Cancer, and a couple of weeks later on she remains in a Hospice at age 79. The scary is that it appears that Cancer cells are constantly in your body, if your smoke, if you’re exposed to pre-owned smoke, or for other factors. I have actually seen individuals go through excellent demanding occasions and pass away right after from Cancer lot of times throughout the years. The pattern appears to be extremely strong and repeats lot of times over.

    Will we ever see a treatment for cancer in our life time? Does this world broad scourge of mankind make far excessive cash to ever desire a treatment? I do not have a response to this concern, however if human life on this world is primarily simply everything about cash and since of this cash, no one appreciates dreadful human suffering since of a cancer, then there is something extremely incorrect with this earth all of us call house.

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