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Boiler Water Therapy in Palm Oil Mills Nonetheless 2022

Boiler Water Therapy in Palm Oil Mills

Having eight years of expertise working with biomass-fired boilers in palm oil mills, I can say that boiler water remedy in palm oil mills is a difficult job if in contrast with industrial boilers. In contrast to industrial boilers which rely closely on condensate return and industrial water for boiler feed water make-up, the supply of uncooked water for boiler feed water in palm oil mills comes from lake, river, or properly. Comparatively not a lot condensate will be recovered in palm oil mills as a result of excessive quantity of unrecoverable sterilizer condensate and the appliance of dwell steam in a number of the course of heating. In palm oil mills, low cycle of focus will not be unusual which signifies extra chemical substances are wasted by blowdowns.

The uncooked water from pure sources is excessive in impurities, turbidity, dissolved gases, and mineral content material. Typically algae, mud and oil could possibly be current and silica is especially an issue in water from lakes, and this state of affairs complicates remedy additional. Lack or insufficient water remedy is harmful as it could trigger scaling and corrosion which have an effect on the reliability, effectivity, and protected operation of the boiler.

Typically, boiler water remedy consists of exterior and inside water remedy. Exterior water remedy refers to conditioning boiler feedwater by eradicating impurities, hardness, oil, oxygen, dissolved and suspended solids, outdoors the boiler and normally completed by mechanical means corresponding to steady clarifier, strain sand filter, water softener, and deaerator. As a result of it’s not doable to acquire an ideal boiler feed water by exterior water remedy, an inside water remedy, which primarily by chemical means, shall be employed. All boiler engineers should be conscious that the exterior remedy of boiler feedwater should be emphasised since extra chemical addition within the boiler is undesirable.

In industrial boilers, the removing of turbidity and suspended issues is already performed by the municipal water remedy system. That is nonetheless a special story in palm oil mills. The exterior remedy for boiler make-up (feedwater) consists of pH adjustment, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, water softening, and eventually, deaeration. Soda ash is added if the pH of the water is low. Soda ash acts as pH adjustment as a result of coagulant capabilities at pH ranges over 5.5 to eight.0. The coagulation chemical substances are dosed into the inlet pipe resulting in the underside of a steady water clarifier. Coagulation and flocculation are the essential steps in boiler water remedy to cut back turbidity, natural substances, and coloration of uncooked water. Coagulation neutralizing the damaging fees on colloid surfaces, permitting the particles to agglomerate to kind floc, which is gradual settling. The commonest coagulants are aluminum sulfate (alum), sodium aluminate, and polyaluminum chloride (PAC). Artificial polymers known as polyelectrolites have been developed for coagulation course of. Flocculation is additional agglomeration of slowly-settling coagulated particles into massive rapidly-settling floc with the addition flocculant corresponding to natural polymer (starch) or artificial polymer corresponding to polyacrylamide (PAM) to connect and bridge between particles to kind bigger agglomerates.

From the pure sources, the water is pumped by booster pumps into the continual clarifier to permit flocs to quiet down. The water rises with lowering velocity and the resultant floc types a sludge blanket on the higher a part of the conical part. The clarifier is blowdown periodically to take away the heavy sludge, which settled on the backside whereas clear water is transported to a transparent water tank earlier than passing by a strain sand filter the place solids escaped from the clarifier and nice particles are filtered and eliminated. Usually, the sand filter removes nice particles as much as 10 μm. Sand filters usually comprise sands and gravels, 100% anthracite, or mixture of sand, anthracite, and gravel. Adequate water reservoir is maintained within the overhead tank and if the extent of water within the tank turns into low, the operation of boilers could possibly be affected. In water softener, sodium zeolite ion-exchange course of is used to take away hardness. The perform of a softener is to take away water hardness (calcium and magnesium) utilizing ion change course of. Usually sodium zeolite is used and a softener would comprise 30~36″ of artificial ion change resin. For instance, calcium bicarbonate, Ca(HCO3)2 dissolves in water and cut up as much as Ca2+ and (HCO3)-. In ion-exchange course of, Ca2+ is eliminated by changing sodium ion utilizing resin ion-exchange mattress which is roofed with Na+ ions. Right here in palm oil mills, the softeners are susceptible to bio and iron fouling. Tender water is then pumped into the deaerator for deaeration. The pressurized deaerator operates by permitting steam into the feed water by a strain management valve to take care of the specified working strain, and therefore temperature at a minimal of 105°C. The steam raises the water temperature inflicting the discharge of O2 and CO2 gases which can be then vented from the system. This kind can scale back the oxygen content material to 0.005 ppm. The water produced is oxygen-free subsequently oxygen corrosion within the boiler will be prevented.

The inner remedy includes the addition of reactant chemical substances corresponding to sulfite, sodium phosphate, chelates, polymers, and caustic, which every has completely different perform in treating boiler water. To stop oxygen corrosion, the chemical generally known as oxygen scavenger is added. The widespread oxygen scavengers are sulfite, hydrazine, and DEHA. Hydrazine nonetheless must be prevented as a result of it’s carcinogenic.. Phosphate prevents scaling by precipitating calcium as calcium triphosphate or hydroxylaptite, which will be eliminated by way of blowdown.

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Boiler Water Therapy in Palm Oil Mills

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